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American Public University System Partners with Portfolium to Dynamically Extend Lifelong Learning Community From Classroom to Career

Charles Town, WV, March 13, 2017American Public University System (APUS) today announced a new partnership with Portfolium, a dynamic platform for students, faculty, alumni and employers to collaborate for professional networking and development, mentorship and employment opportunities.

Portfolium’s ePortfolio social network allows students to document and showcase their career-relevant classroom work, projects and experiences to prospective employers in support of professional and academic potential beyond the limits of a traditional resume and transcript, according to Christine Muncy, associate vice president of career services. “Portfolium directly connects students’ learning experiences and skills obtained through classroom and co-curricular activities with employers seeking specific job-related skills and complementary educational and real-life professional experiences,” she said.

The Portfolium platform benefits multiple areas of the APUS ecosystem. Students, alumni, and faculty receive complimentary lifetime membership in the social network while university leadership is provided with actionable insights to support decisions in areas such as program development and curricular improvement. APUS-affiliated employers can leverage Portfolium’s TalentMatch online recruiting tool at no cost.

“Portfolium’s ability to connect the classroom work and skills of APUS students to the careers they seek is unlike any other tool,” said Troy Markowitz, vice president of partnerships at Portfolium. “We're excited to partner with APUS by bringing students’ overall attained learning to the forefront of employers, with the ultimate goal of supporting their mission of educating the nation’s military and public service communities.”

“Portfolium creates a dynamic repository of student achievement and fosters a vibrant community for our learners, alumni, faculty and staff to connect around shared academic and career interests,” said APUS President Dr. Karan Powell. “It’s a natural extension of our core mission to deliver superior learning and career outcomes, and will therefore further strengthen our ability to attract prospective students while enhancing the value of our current students to prospective employers.”

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Portfolium partners with colleges & universities to help students transform learning into opportunity. Our ePortfolio network helps millions of students and alumni from over 2,000 colleges and universities manage their skills and launch their careers. Portfolium’s cloud-based platform empowers students with lifelong opportunities to capture, curate, and convert skills into job offers, while giving learning institutions and employers the tools they need to assess competencies and recruit talent.

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