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  4. Completed a minimum 50% of total degree credits
  5. Not serving on active-duty status as a military servicemember
  6. Not serving as a current Reserve servicemember

It may include, but is not limited to, the following areas:

  1. Official university social channels
  2. Official university website(s)
  3. Television and digital broadcast channels
  4. Current digital and social sharing platforms: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn
  5. Future digital and social sharing communication channels.
  6. Media (e.g., video, photos, print, social, and web)
  7. University publications
  8. Testimonial advertisements
  9. Public relations opportunities (e.g., quotes or interviews for external media)
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We rigorously ensure stories selected reflect those who are no longer on active-duty status in the military or currently serve as a Reserve servicemember.

Submissions from active-duty servicemembers or active reservists will not be utilized but will be retained for future use once we are notified by you of your veteran or retired status.

Monetary compensation is not offered.

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