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FBI: Children not Immune to Crime of Human Trafficking

The Journal
November 21, 2014
By Jenni Vincent

As one of the featured speakers at this week's "Widening the Net: Together Let's Stop Traffick" summit, Vienneau left little doubt that while the names and locations vary, the traumatic impact of this crime - often called modern-day slavery - is often hard to measure. One thing remains constant, however, because criminals behind these crimes - including forced labor, sex, domestic servitude and marriage - are always most concerned about making money, he said.

"It is a challenge because this business is based on a traveling model, and they follow the money while also taking the path of least resistance. If things begin to heat up here, they just move somewhere else," Vienneau said. "We're also finding that human trafficking intersects with other criminal activities. For example, it may be easier to sell girls than drugs," Vienneau said, speaking to an audience that included primarily law enforcement professionals. At that time, more than 100 participants from 16 countries gathered at American Public University System's campus to take part in an international summit aimed at combating the problem globally - with an ultimate goal of establishing the world's first international global resource center.

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