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Dr. Gwen Hall

Dr. Gwen Hall

Dr. Gwen Hall is Chief of Staff, Office of the President. Prior to this she served as Associate Provost of Academic Effectiveness and Student Success, the Academic Operations Officer, and as Dean, School of Security and Global Studies. As Dean, she had responsibility for the intelligence studies and national security programs, international relations, Middle East studies, political science and public administration. Dr. Hall has been with APUS since 2005.

She served as a consultant to the Department of Homeland Security. Her work included homeland security strategic planning and infrastructure security and resiliency planning for the 18 CIKR Sectors. Her other work included defense planning, homeland security and homeland defense programs, and efforts to counter and respond to the use of weapons of mass destruction.

Dr. Hall was a professional staff member for the House Select Committee on Homeland Security. She maintained the committee portfolio for homeland defense issues, nuclear proliferation, radiological and chemical weapons, counter-proliferation and non-proliferation concerns, Nunn-Lugar programs, and all Department of Defense homeland defense issues (including Northern Command, NORAD, and the National Guard).

Dr. Hall is a retired Air Force officer. Her last assignment was Chief of the National Security Policy Division, Headquarters Air Force. Lieutenant Colonel Hall crafted the Air Force smallpox and anthrax vaccination guidance that prepared U.S. forces during Operation IRAQI FREEDOM. She led the team that designed and executed the Chief of Staff-directed Biological Defense Task Force initiative, and the new biological security laboratory program requirements mandated by federal regulation and OSD directives. Colonel Hall was also the lead action officer for the DOD initiative requiring all DOD installations to be prioritized to receive counter-CBRNE funding through the Guardian project.

Before arriving at the Pentagon in 2002, Colonel Hall was deployed to the Combined Air Operations Center (CAOC) at Prince Sultan Air Base, Saudi Arabia, as the Director of the Combined Forces Air Component Commander’s Action Group. She examined the CAOC and the Air Force forces (AFFOR) command and control structures.

From 1999-2002, Dr. Hall was the Commander and Director of Operations of the Dean of Faculty Squadron at the United States Air Force Academy. She was also a member of the Superintendent's primary senior advisory board, responsible for advising on all admissions, disenrollments, disciplinary matters, and major Academy policies. Prior to assuming command responsibilities, Dr. Hall was a Professor of Political Science, and Director of Education, Curriculum, and Assessment in the Political Science Department. She was President of the Senior Faculty Forum, the senior faculty advisory group to the Dean of Faculty.

Currently serving on the Board of Advisors for the Naval Post Graduate School and the Naval War College, Dr. Hall is a recognized national security expert who has researched and published numerous articles, occasional papers, and book chapters. Her nuclear weapons study won the prestigious Air Staff award for "best overall project with direct relevance to the Air Force" and became mandatory reading at three DOD schools. She was a member of the congressionally-charted DOD Threat Reduction Advisory Committee (TRAC) and has held leadership positions in major professional organizations.

Dr. Hall received a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Maryland, and a Master of Public Policy and Ph.D., both in National Security Studies, from the University of Maryland, School of Public Policy.