Dr. Nicole Drumhiller

Dr. Nicole Drumhiller is a Full Professor and Dean of the School of Security and Global Studies (SSGS). She is responsible for the evaluation, mentorship, and development of the department’s faculty to ensure that teaching excellence is met, conducts student-faculty mediation and advocacy, and helps to support university partnerships within SSGS, among other responsibilities. In addition to her work as Interim Dean, Dr. Drumhiller is a Biosecurity Consultant consulting on industry best practices regarding personnel suitability and threat management.

She currently serves as an Editorial Board Member, for the peer-reviewed Journal of Global Security and Intelligence Studies, and she serves as an Advisory Board member for the Operative Intelligence Research Center in Rome, Italy. She is also a Certified Threat Manager, with the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals and co- Director of the IntelHub, an international collaboration with the University of Leicester in the UK, and Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid, Spain. Dr. Drumhiller is a published author whose works have focused on group behavior, political leadership, intelligence, and international relations. Dr. Drumhiller holds a B.A. in Criminal Justice, a B.A. in Political Science, an M.A. in Political Science, and a Ph.D. in Political Science from Washington State University.